Washington United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pastor's Page

The Season of Lent

The Lenten Season is in full swing and the journey of self-reflection is underway. Lent is the time in the Christian Year set aside for intentional consideration of where we are in our relationship with God and what we might do to improve that relationship. The theme for this year is “Removing the Boulder!” 

It is based on the premise that everyone runs into those times when life brings significant challenges that appear like a boulder that obscures a path. Spiritual boulders obscure the path to the joy and satisfaction of a fulfilling relationship with our Savior. Unfortunately, boulders happen! However, God offers us important tools that are at our disposal to chip the boulder into smaller more manageable pieces that can be thrown to the side.

We are learning that these tools are vital to our spiritual growth. Thus far, we’ve discovered that before we can take on the massive boulder we have to name it! Maybe it’s a relationship issue, or the pain of troubles within the family, or even the invasion of an opioid addiction upon someone who is very close to us. Really, just about any problem we face can cause the landslide of a boulder that obscures our path.

 The tools we been given to address or break-up the large obstacles are fasting, prayer, listening, and responding. God never leaves us without the tools necessary to complete the job. It does take considerable effort on our parts to get it out of the way!  The beauty of the solution is the fact that we are not alone. God never leaves us helpless.

 Easter is coming and we will have the opportunity to reembrace the power of the resurrection. Just as Jesus had boulders to address our Father in heaven gave Him the power to overcome the grip of sin and death.

 Boulders don’t have the last word! God has given us the dynamic power to be overcomers! I invite you to join us as we take this reflective journey to the cross and grave and grow a deeper appreciation of what has been done on our behalf. As we take on the difficult challenges of life we can do so with a confidence that God has given us what we need to be effective, faithful followers of the One who loves us most.

 In God’s Mighty Grip

Pastor Tom