Washington United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Living with God's Word 

Focus on Prayer

By: The Spiritual Life Committee

September, 2012


Pastor and author, Charles Stanley, writes that "at its most fundamental level, prayer is communion with God; it is cultivating friendship with God."


When we consider friendships we have with earthy acquaintances, we realize that a true friendship involves time spent in both speaking and listening.  A worthwhile friendship is not one-sided; it involves mutual sharing.  If this is a desired quality in earthy friendships, it should be much more so in our relationships with God.  It is important for us to seek a balance between talking to God and humbly listening to Him.


To help us achieve this, Pastor Stanley makes the following suggestion:  "Find a quiet place to meet with God  --  a place where you can feel comfortable speaking out loud to Him.  Speaking aloud can help to steady our focus as we pray.  It will also make a clear contrast between the time we spend in talking to God and the time we devote to listening to Him."  Stanley urges us to begin by speaking aloud to God and tell Him what is on our hearts.  After that, he suggests that we remain quiet and rest in silence --- giving God time to calm our spirits and inspire our thoughts with His thoughts.  By practicing this, we begin to nurture our most important friendship, friendship with God.


Prayer Focus for September: Prayers that cultivate friendship with our Father


Blessings to each of you,