Washington United Methodist Church
Monday, July 22, 2019
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Pastor's Page

Our New Journey

This new journey is one that I am excited about and I hope all of you are excited about what God has planned for us as a church family moving forward! I saw this devotional while browsing the internet and I thought it was a good reminder that as long as we focus on Jesus and God's Word, God will show us the way to go. 

It is posted on https://inspiration.org/daily-devotional/new-beginning-2/ it says, "The Bible has a great deal to say about beginnings. John declares simply that “in the beginning was the Word.” The Bible also makes clear that this Word was Jesus. 

Through these truths, the Bible reveals a pattern that can apply to any situation: The key is to start with Jesus. To start with the Word. With this focus, we can know that our hearts and minds are in tune with God. That we are building a strong foundation. That He will lead and guide us, and correct us if necessary.

Many people say they are Christians, but fail to live according to the Bible. Yet, they wonder why they do not have the joy, peace, love, and power that God promises. How different their lives would be if they truly focused on the Word, and make it their foundation! In your life, make sure that you begin every day with the Word. As you have difficult decisions to make, fill your mind with the Word. Let it provide your standards.

The Word will give you wisdom, and will help shape your mind and heart, and give you discernment and a victorious lifestyle. And it will prepare you to receive more of God’s blessings, today, and every day."


God Bless You,

Pastor Brian