Church Use Policy Established by Church Council

P O Box 218
10468 DuPont Road
Washington, WV 26181

     By action of the official church council of Washington United Methodist Church we present this statement of policy and regulations regarding the use of our facility. The following shall be understood by the person(s) in charge of the party using the facility prior to scheduling. The person (s) signing the application shall be responsible to see that this policy is fully honored and shall be held accountable.

     1. This facility is a CHURCH. All activities and language must honor the sanctity and moral and religious intentions of the church.

     2. Those who may use the facility will include members and non-members who have a member that will sponsor them. The sponsoring member must be present at all times the facility is being used. The sponsor will provide access to the facility.

     3. The user is requested to take special care of church carpets, upholstered pews, and other such furnishings of the church.

     4. Damages to or special cleaning required on furnishings or any other church property must be paid for by the user. A $200.00 deposit is required for this purpose, and to insure that the other items in this policy are honored. It is refundable within five days of the event after inspection.

     5. The approval of the Pastor must be secured before moving ANY furniture in the building.

     6. All furniture which is moved must be replaced as found by the user.

     7. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or use of tobacco of any kind shall be permitted on the premises.

     8. The user will confine themselves to the area requested. Under no circumstances shall any person for any reason be in an unauthorized room. If there are any questions, please ask now.

     9. Fine grained birdseed may be thrown only on the outside of the church building. For ecological and practical reasons, rice may not be thrown nor helium-filled balloons launched from church property. Blown bubbles can also be used in place of birdseed.

     10. Only weddings conforming to the laws of the State of West Virginia may be performed.

     11. Kitchen facilities may be used as needed. Freezer and refrigerator may be used on a space available basis. Nothing that is in them should be removed. Anything brought in should be taken when user leaves. Kitchen utensils and items used during event will be cleaned and returned to proper storage. Paper products must be provided by the user.

     12. Aisle runners, if used, are to be cloth or heavy gauze. If candelabras and/or a Unity Candle are used caution must be taken not to have wax drip onto the carpet or furnishings. Dripless candles and a drip-cloth must be used.

     13. If facility is to be used on a Saturday, premises must be vacated by 8 pm.

     14. The following are those fees which have been approved by the church board. They are based on the current operational expenses of our facility. All fees are to be paid in full two weeks prior to facility use.

     15. In case of uncertainty around interpretation of this document, the Senior Pastor will determine the meaning.

*Sanctuary                                                                                          $100.00

*Fellowship Hall                                                                                 $100.00

 Organist                                                                                             $50 – $75


      Sanctuary/or Fellowship Hall                                                     $35.00

      Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall                                                   $60.00

 Sound System                                                                                   $50.00

 Projection System                                                                            $50.00

 (Projection and sound systems must be operated by a qualified technician.)

*Damage deposit                                                                               $200.00

* (Does not apply to members.)


     The following facilities________________________________________________ of Washington United Methodist Church are requested for use on ___________________

during the following time periods_____________________________. We expect

______________to attend. We have read the above statement of Policy and Regulations and agree to honor them fully and to be responsible for the event in these regards.



Purpose for which facilities are requested__________________________________

Approved by__________________________________________________________

This application shall be filled out in duplicate and both copies shall be signed by those accepting responsibility. One copy shall be retained by the church office and the other by the user.